Magsoothium™... The Worlds Best Kept Secret...


We are proud to introduce to you our line of anti-inflammatory products infused with magnesium sulfate, arnica, and peppermint...Magsoothium.

Unlike other products, Magsoothium's unique formula penetrates the skin, seeking the source of aches, pains, and swelling; an easy, effective way to help increase magnesium intake, while providing lasting relief.

Even at slight deficiencies of magnesium, muscles begin to spasm, and the pain is magnified by sensitive nerves.  So, Magsoothium helps the body recuperate faster.  Lastly, unlike other over-the-counter, popular pain medication, Magsoothium can be used without the worry of side effects or drug interactions. 

Magsoothium is doctor-recommended and used by professional sports teams worldwide for joint and muscle discomfort, to revive muscles after tough workouts, and even during games for cramps and blisters.
Because of its ability to relax cells and draw waste material, including water out of them, Magsoothium is considered an anti-inflammatory, and has been used to treat a multitude of illnesses from high blood pressure to acne to seizures.

Benefits of Magsoothium

Magnesium helps regulate over 300 biochemical reactions in the body.  It stimulates enzymes regulating your body's levels of calcium, potassium, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Instead of just masking the pain, our hospital-grade magnesium sulfate targets and soothes inflammation, sore muscles, and aching joints, helping you recover faster.                                    

Magsoothium helps fight muscle cramping and pain in four ways:

1. Without enough magnesium, our body can’t make enough energy to feed our muscle cells.  And energy-depleted muscles cramp.
2. Magnesium allows muscles to relax and release toxins.
3. Magnesium neutralizes lactic acid.
4. Magnesium calms the central nervous system and nerve cells, quieting pain signals.


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