Frequently Asked Questions

Why are compression garments important to the success of my surgery?     

Wearing a high quality post-op compression garment can help you during the recovery process in the following ways: To provide uniform radial compression and support to aid recovery.  Wearing a compression garment designed for your particular procedure will minimize bruising and swelling (edema), increase blood circulation in the affected area and aid in flushing fluids and toxins at the incision site. The compression from the garment will hold skin firmly in place, aiding in proper skin retraction and intended body contouring. In addition, outside seams on the garment, will prevent the garment seams from leaving indentations on the skin. Improve comfort during healing process- A proper fit and lightweight, breathable material will make you more comfortable when wearing the garment for extended periods of time …this aids compliance and speeds recovery.

Why can't I wear active wear, traditional foundations or shapewear?  

It is essential that the compression garment worn during the recovery period provides uniform radial compression, something that is not found in a standard girdle or shaper. Shapers, tights, girdles and jog bras also do not have inside flat seams, tags on the outside of the garment - away from the skin, an open crotch, and are not intended for around the clock, 24-hour use. You need a garment specifically designed to compress the skin for surgical purposes  and that is comfortable for the length of your recovery. Your compression garment acts as your “second skin.”  

What is the difference between a Stage One and Stage Two compression garments? 

Stage One garments provide moderate compression immediately following surgery and may be worn for up to 2 weeks, depending upon your doctor’s preferences. This zippered garment with hooks and eyes, and reinforced seams, allows for uniform radial compression and durability during the critical immediate postoperative period. 
Stage Two garments provide continued healing compression and support during the second stage of recovery (typically 2-8 weeks post-op). This non-zippered, pull-on garment is sized smaller for additional support to the newly contoured body. Second stage garments also fit smoothly under clothing as patients become more active and keep zippers from making impressions in the skin. 

Do I need more than one garment?

We recommend that you have at least 2 zippered garments and 1 non-zippered garment. Immediately post-op the doctor will put you in a zippered garment, this garment will become stained and soiled very quickly. In order to maintain continuous compression, you can wear the second garment while the first garment is being laundered. A few weeks after the surgery you will be able to wear the non-zippered garment, this garment is designed to help contour and shape the body.  Remember, the longer you wear a medically designed compression garment, the better the results from your surgery.

Why should I provide pre-op measurements instead of post-op measurements for my compression garments?

Our First Stage compression garments are sized to accommodate expected swelling right after your surgical procedure. Stage Two garments are sized smaller to fit your newly contoured body after swelling has subsided.

How do I know which size to order?

Measure your natural waist, (which is generally about 1” above the belly button and the narrowest part of your waist). Next, measure the largest part of your hips, bustline, and bicep. Using our size chart, if you fall between sizes, use your normal pant/dress size as a guide to determine the correct garment size. Always remember that our Customer Care is happy to help with any sizing questions.

Do our garments contain latex? 

Unlike some suppliers, all of our garments are latex, rubber, and formaldehyde free.

How do I choose which bra is right for my procedure?

Generally, if you are having an augmentation, the FB-570, FB-572, and FB-573 bras are the most suitable since they provide lightweight support to help settle the implants to a natural position. The FB-571 and FB-578 bras are ideal following mastopexy, breast lift, reduction, and reconstruction procedures. These garments provide greater support and the needed compression while maintaining patient comfort following the surgery.

Can I put my garment in the washing machine?

We recommend hand washiyour compression garment in luke warm water with a mild detergent and then line dry.  This will lengthen the life of the garment and prevent breakdown of the fabric or elasticity/or loss of compressive qualities.   

Why do the garments have an open crotch?

These garments are designed to be worn constantly. An open crotch allows you to use the bathroom without having to remove the garment. The accumulated fluids, (post-op), flow downward, due to gravity’s pull.  The garment opening in the crotch area is relatively small because proper support to the pelvic bone is needed to reduce the possibility of edema in the genitals. 

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